LinkedIn training for lawyers

Are you on LinkedIn but you don’t use it on a daily basis? You only have a few hundred connections, but you’ve never received an inquiry via LinkedIn? Maybe you haven’t even registered yet, maybe you don’t believe it makes any sense?

LinkedIn képzés ügyvédeknek

We know that one of the most important resources for lawyers is time – and yet they have the least of it. That is why we do not organize a full- or half-day conference and lecture, but a maximum 90-minutes workshop.

We only provide practical knowledge that can be used on a daily basis.

It doesn’t matter on what level you are using LinkedIn. If necessary, we will guide you from the creation of the profile to the ways and times it is worth sharing content on LinkedIn. Our 16-page manual helps you create the ideal lawyer LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn képzés ügyvédeknek

Lawyers on LinkedIn

If you use LinkedIn, you probably see that most of the posts are about one lawyer winning an award, another attending a conference, and a third publishing a professional article. And it repeats itself over and over again. If you’re wondering if this really makes sense, then be sure to sign up for our LinkedIn training, where we’ll tell you what really works on “the business Facebook” and what’s just a waste of time.

During our presentation and personal consultation, you will learn:


why a lawyer should be active on LinkedIn


how to create a profile as a lawyer


what are the most common mistakes – why LinkedIn is punishing us


do you need a law firm profile or just a personal one is sufficient enough


groups, pages, comments – what we use LinekedIn for


how the algorithm works – what kind of posts does it like


tips, tricks, daily use

If you are already an advanced user, but still want to step up and use LinkedIn for active customer acquisition, PR or greater visibility, we can adapt the workshop in this direction as well. If required, we review your profile and practice in advance, and accordingly provide you with advice in order to build more effective relationships.

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For law firms and marketing/BD managers

The training is useful not only for lawyers, but also for law firms. We assess the LinkedIn activity of the firm and colleagues in advance and shape the presentation accordingly.

We help lawyers improve their profiles, target posts and other activities, and use LinkedIn effectively. We will show you what changes can be achieved by spending 5 minutes a day.

For the marketing/BD colleague, we explain how the LinkedIn algorithm works, what are its latest changes and how these can be incorporated into marketing activity – from graphic elements to defining hashtags. Moreover, LinkedIn’s advertising system also becomes more transparent, we can delve deeper into its solutions, depending on the communication goals.

Personalized LinkedIn consulting

After the lecture/workshop, if needed, we will help one-on-one with the setting up and fine-tuning of the profiles, the wording and the development of the trends of the posts.

LinkedIn képzés ügyvédeknek

Who should be the participants of the group LinkedIn presentation?

Who should be the participants of the group LinkedIn presentation?

The managers and partners of the law firm, lawyers, associates, HR and marketing managers, administrative colleagues – everyone should be aware of the operation of the system, the goals, metrics and tools of communication.

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Who are we

Pro/Lawyer Consulting provides communication and business development consulting for lawyers and law firms. We are in the business for more than 10 years, worked with 100+ law firms and legal networks. Our solutions go beyond the well-known lawyer advertising and lawyer marketing services.


Managing Partner

Máté Bende, lawyer and PR specialist, has been dealing with the communication of lawyers for 15 years. As the head of his own company since 2015, he has been helping lawyers and other legal professionals achieve their business goals as an external consultant. He worked at iternational law firms before as Communications and BD manager so he knows the operation of law firms and the world of lawyers from the inside. He regularly publishes professional articles in the legal press and presents at conferences.

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