Law firm websites

We know. You know. Your law firm needs a new website.

You have a vision.

We have the experience.

Why do you need a new website?

Your website is most of the times the first contact point of your potential clients with you. You want to impress and inform at the same time. You want to build reputation and introduce yourself as an expert on your field. Most of the lawyer websites are more than 6 years old. Do you use a 6 years old cellphone? Or a notebook? Your clients neither. Technology and the client needs are changing so rapidly that you have to keep up with them. Or someone else will.

A good law firm website can do all this. And even more.

Some of the law firms only need a nice website to present information about themselves. Some of them use it as a content distribution tool – like the blog or client alert section.

Others use it as a client generating platform. They will need a newsletter subscription and SEO (search engine optimization – to be on the top of the Google organic searches).

Why us?

We can do all of that. We have done it before.

We created more than 40 lawyer or law firm websites. We are working with lawyers, web designers, graphic designers and even with a native English proofreader (with a Phd. in Linguistics and several years of experience at Chambers and Partners).

Some of our works

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